Strathaven Echoes available to buy online

Everyday brings more and new examples of how we are living in unprecedented times.  today we read about how the SEC in Glasgow is being converted into an emergency hospital.  We see Police patrolling the street checking why people are out.  Parks are closed off and everyone is being encouraged to stay at home. People are allowed out for one bit of exercise a day, schools are closed and pubs, cafes and restaurants are closed.

Community Support Groups are popping up all over Avondale, with the Strathaven Community Resilience Group, Glassford Community Group and others setting up helplines (Full details in our latest edition), local churches working together, local businesses joining together on home delivery schemes and Avondale Young Farmers offering assistance across the community.

Businesses are having to change their models to survive and Strathaven Echoes is no different.  Over the last 3 1/2 years we have had a huge support from 360 Graphics in Strathaven, where Echoes is printed.  With Avondale in lockdown we have had to reduce our print run.  We already offer a subscription service at an annual cost of £25, meaning that Echoes pops in your inbox every fortnight as a PDF, to read on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.  We can now offer individual copies as a PDF and we are grateful to Strathaven FTPT for providing us with a platform to make it available.

If you would like to buy a copy just go to and follow the link on its home page.

Strathaven Echoes 3 April 2020 Draft 310320


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