Advertising Rates

Advertising rates. All rates are FREE of VAT, making our advertising more economic for small businesses.

At your service – £10.00 BUY 24 ISSUES GET 1 FREE (That’s a full year’s advertising for just £240)

Online Advertising – In addition if you wish your advert to appear on the Strathaven Echoes website this will be charged at a flat rate of £15 per month plus VAT presuming you also have an advert in the Echoes.   There is also a premium online option to appear on the header on each page.  All online adverts will include a link from the advert directly to your website.

Advertorial Feature – If you would like to feature in a sponsored business advertorial then please get in touch to discuss rates.  For a full page our rate is £180 and for a half page, £100.

For a What’s On notice the cost is £25.  For other notices, eg anniversary, birth or death the cost is £20, and with  photo included the cost is £35.

Design Service – We can design your advert for you for a one-off charge of £15.  You retain full copyright and will have full use of the developed advert for other purposes.

For our full Advertisers Introductory Letter and a summary of our plans for developing the Strathaven Echoes, please click below.

Advert Size
Full page£320£280
Half Page£160£150
Quarter Page£100£90
Third Page£120£100
Eighth Page£60£50
Twelfth Page£45£40
Advertising Feature£200£180
What’s On Notice£20
At Your Service£10
Half Page Advertising Notice£100£90